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Facial wrinkle ultrasonic knife

2016-12-22 20:40:00

Facial wrinkle ultrasonic knife use the principle of ultrasonic focusing, in the form of a non-intrusive fixed knife to SMAS layer (that is, fascia layer), generate nearly a condensation point, make collagen, fiber mediastinal produce immediate contraction and stimulate collagen a large number of new and restructuring, build new collagen fibres, from the depth of the skin for skin to enhance elasticity. Ultrasonic knife instrument of stimulate new collagen and restructuring, smoothes out wrinkles, make skin restore elasticity, fine luster.
Ultrasonic knife anti-wrinkle is more comfort and convenience, the ultrasonic energy is by inside and outside heat conduction, heat will skip the skin directly, won’t appear the risk of burns and scalds. Ultrasonic knife device controllable energy, avoid injury of facial nerve and treatment more comfortable, safe and more secure. And ultrasonic knife anti-wrinkle treatment, collagen is for newborn to 6 months, firming anti-wrinkle effect can sustain a few years time.
Facial wrinkle ultrasonic knife treatment is without anesthesia, no pain, no damage, no recovery time, will not affect people’s normal life and work, is indispensable for beauty salon and anti-wrinkle ageing equipment. JELSYS LASER CO.,LIMITED of ultrasonic knife instrument is very popular, if you are interested in can seek advice online customer service.