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Vervet doll instrument

2016-12-22 20:55:11

Vervet doll instrument

Vervet doll can whiten and beautiful skin, shrink pores, blackheads, improve wrinkles and other skin beautifying effect, vervet doll skin beautifying effect is better, what are the main considerations for after treatment?

Vervet doll instrument is a non-invasive technique, without high safety risk, whitening, tender skin, resist failure, shrink pores, delay aging, easily acceptable. Vervet doll instrument after treatment considerations are:Vervet doll instruments import carbon as a medium, the characteristic of deep penetration, to maximize absorption capacity of carbon powder surface and deep penetration into the skin, and eliminate the sterilization, refine skin, decomposition of pigment, shrink pores, texture repair etc, thus completely change skin quality.

1, there will be a treatment of reaction, such as red hot to rapid absorption of heat, cooling and filling water, it is recommended to use collagen dressing or ice stick film, can rapid absorption of heat, cool, hydrating, bacteriostasis, can promote epidermal growth and metabolism.

2, after treatment to prevent sun direct exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, need to strengthen the prevent bask in, it is recommended to use more than SPF30 sunscreen, fill brush out 2-3 hours, best can umbrellas, wear a hat to do physical sunscreen.

3, cannot be used with tartaric acid, acid, salicylic acid, A chamfer, high concentration of vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients maintain article within A week after treatment .

4.Vervet doll one period of treatment need 3-4, 6 times, dark yellow, calm skin melanin will get great improvement, greatly brightens the skin whitening, skin becomes delicate elastic, facial skin, effect can last more than 3 years.

Vervet doll instrument  is to note after treatment for simple introduction, vervet doll have strong effect of beautiful skin, effectively improve the skin problems,We have many vervet doll cost-effective instrument.if you are interested in can seek advice online customer service.JELSYS LASER CO.,LIMITED.