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Micro needle fractional RF

2017-03-27 15:48:12

Product Description
Brief introduction of Fractional RF System

Fractional RF system offers advanced fractional multi-polar radio frequency technology.
Fractional RF system through the unique of innovative intelligent peels platform and tips role on the skin, resulting in a different proportion of the thermal effects to heat extensively at skin deep, promote collagen contraction, skin tightening, cellulite reduction. can fit individualized treatment programs based on customer demand for different skin; improve skin texture and gloss, deep pigment issues and treatment of skin lesions. RF
treatment of non-surgical, no depth chemical peel, you can easily get the delicate skin whitening. Mainly used for the treatment of facial skin tissue sagging, too many wrinkles, rough skin aging, large pores, pigmentation precipitation, acne, acne scars and other issues, and effectively enhance the eye area, face and neck tissue to reshape the face curve.
Fractional RF features
 1.Luxury exclusive probe
Almighty plastic Maggie essence of your lies in every treatment, use dedicated exclusively unique probe of the United States, each probe are no longer re-use, most complete elimination of cross-infection to ensure that every customer the most respect for the pet therapy enjoy.Precise positioning balanced and comprehensive

2.Precise positioning balanced and comprehensive
With the frame medicinal sticker, precise positioning emission treatment balanced wavelength energy, to prevent the omission, uneven energy Circumstances activate every corner of the whole face of the growth factor, collagen simultaneous excitation, a full range of skin glow with youthful vitality.
3.High-energy high-frequency collagen rebirth
A shock of up to 600 million times the energy of high-frequency high-energy conduction
7-8 times the effect of one treatment compared to other instruments. The skin collagen fibers efficient activation, wake up collagen rebirth, reconstruction of the collagen scaffold, to achieve the purpose of the depth of firming, pulling and anti-wrinkle.
4.To one treatment save time and effort at once
To Plastic Maggie year simply by a single treatment can achieve the effect of such as wrinkle shaping skin rejuvenation. Surgery without convalescence,Done and go. Is particularly suitable for busy, no time to carefully maintenance crowd. One treatment, continue in force, every situation is better reached its peak effect after six months. Treat save time and effort at once the long-term firming effect of up to three years or more.
The one treatment that allows deep skin collagen sustained growth period of up to one year, six months, is the highest peak raw Long-term ability to grow a large number of excitation. Effect lasting up to 3 years.
5. The long-term firming effect of up to three years or more.
The one treatment that allows deep skin collagen sustained growth period of up to one year, six months, is the highest peak raw Long-term ability to grow a large number of excitation. Effect lasting up to 3 years.
Working principle
The procedure involves penetration of insulated microneedles into the dermis to deliver high-tensioned radiofrequency pulse into the targeted tissue. This results in the body’s own production of elastic and collagen fibres, making skin firmer and healthier.

The microneedles are driven directly into the skin at a certain depth, and radiofrequency energy is then released inside of the skin. This gives a more uniformed deep tissue warming that will then stimulate the collagen and new collagen fibers are produced.

The combination of microneedles and radiofrequency leads to a more substantial improvement in skin quality and texture. This combination also allows the procedure to treat a variety of concerns such as skin tightening and brightening, pore size reduction and stretch marks. It is also effective in scar treatment such as deep acne scars, ice pick scars, atrophic scars, burn and operation scars
Lift Function
Improve the pore, scar, deep wrinkles, acne, pigmentation,
It make the skin collagen increased flexibility, improved the appearance of wrinkles.
It make the skin smooth, tighten pores.
It has the least pain and provide accurate energy.
Minimally invasive make skin less damage.
It makes the RF penetration to the target area directly, in order to obtain enough effect.
Scar removal - including reduce acne scars
Suitable for: in addition to stretch marks, anti aging, anti-wrinkle treatment, hair loss/restore, excessive pigmentation treatment
1. safe and more effective energy
2. Safety and comfortable feeling are attainable by contact cooling system,
3. Focus technology can detect specific depth of skin for the accurate treatment,
4. Internal inspection and calibration system ensure the system stable,
5. Easy to use: Colorful touch screen and user-friendly interface 
Fractional RF frequency
Fractional RF Energy
Fractional RF
6 Types
Fractional RF Tips Life
Can use countless shoots
RF Tips Pins
lattice RF Tips Pins:59pins,188pins,289pins,
Fractional RF Tips Pins:36pins,64pins,100pins
Fractional RF Size
Control system
8 inch color touch screen
Thermal RF Types
Interval pulse
Thermal RF Frequency
Thermal RF Mode
output 0.5 second, output 1 second, output 2 second

Fractional RF treatment
Treatment range
whole body lipo, belly reduce weight after childbirth, 
tight after fat uction, arm tight, thigh tight and striae
 gravidarum remove.
Time for 1 treatment
28 days
Treatment frequency
Each 3~5 days for one treatment
Reply times for
each treatment
5-8 times
treat time
20-30 minutes on body
 Lattice RF treatment
treatment range
Pouch remove, fishtail lines remove, lower eyelid 
wrinkle remove,face wrinkle remove, skin tight, 
lift, Face lift, shrink pores,whitening and 
time for each treatment
35 days
treatment frequency
Each 3~5 days for one treatment
reply times for each
7-10 times
time for each treatment
15-25 minutes on body
 technique parameter
220V±10% or 110V±10%
the intensity range of RF:
output power
gross weight
Package dimension: